Genetic engineering should be banned

Cardiovascular disease strongly age-related is emerging as the biggest cause of death in the developing world. In addition we do not know what damage could result to those who consume affected crops.

His lab, Church likes to say, is the center of a new technological genesis—one in which man rebuilds creation to suit himself. The high productivity is creating by Genetically Modified food; the GM crops double the food yield by improves the pesticides and fertilizers in the crops. Sarah Fecht Genetic Literacy Project February 14, In a recent debate hosted by Intelligence Squared, an intellectual forum whose periodic events are broadcast on the web, scientists and bioethicists battled over a hypothetical question: Also, GM food is cold tolerant.

An antifreeze gene has been introduced into plants such as tobacco and potato. When an atomic power plant goes off the track thousands of people die and a whole region is polluted. Vijayaraghavan, India It is pathetic that some people consider ourselves an advanced species when we still have millions of people around the world starving or dying of preventable disease.

But that swings both ways. Attempts such as those of Monsanto to use GE technology to establish control over the food supply chain should be stamped out with all possible vigour. The driving force behind the research is profit- not the well-being of humanity or the planet. Narelle Chenery, Australia I dispute Mr.

We now get this genes protein in both the source and target organism. Landers explained that the technology is not needed to prevent children from inheriting genetic diseases since conventional techniques are sufficient.

The "No" side tries to scare us with apocalyptic visions without ever admitting that genetic engineering has already done many goods the Green Revolution being one of the many. Genetic engineering will benefit the rich, the inequality between the South and the North will grow.

About human gene editing. Who are we to disrupt that order?! The general public in the comfortable consumer world will not give up their standard of living to improve the lives of those we so easily neglect.

Thank you for taking the time to take this survey. Like a person, a monkey has two copies of most genes, one from each parent. There is not enough research into these effects and governments are permitting the contamination of our world without sufficient knowledge.

This choice will never be truly informed until consumers have a broader understanding of the issues. Used judiciously, genetic engineering can assist greatly in both animal and plant breeding.The group arguing against the ban tactically avoided the issue of genetic “enhancement” and chose to focus on the uses of genetic engineering to treat rare but fatal diseases.

Therefore, the Genetically Modified food should not be banned for several reasons. In addition to the fact that Genetically Modified food already provides benefits to us, there are several considerable profits to agriculture, environment and human health.

Genetically Modified food should not be banned while they provide benefits to agriculture.

Genetically Modified food should not be banned Essay Sample

Mar 05,  · A dozen countries, not including the United States, have banned germ-line engineering, and scientific societies have unanimously concluded that Author: Antonio Regalado. Should Human Cloning be Banned? essaysCloning is defined as a form of genetic engineering in which the DNA of a person, animal, plant, or even a bacterium is used to produce a perfect or near –perfect genetic replica of the original.

Genetic engineering should NOT be banned but at the same time, it should only go to a certain extent. Some might say that should be from and ethical standpoint but by looking at that point of view, science would never have made any progress. A powerful tool that lets scientists modify DNA with extreme precision could be used to genetically engineer the human species.

For the past three days, scientists, bioethicists, and other.

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Genetic engineering should be banned
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